can u replace pistons and rings from the bottom?

i pulled apart a spare b18a block i had sitting around, when i did it i just pulled the pistons and rods from the bottom of the block with the crank still in place. i know they will come out through the bottome with the crank in, that’s not the problem…

my motor is still in the car but would it be possible, not plausable, to replace my pistons, rings and rods from the bottom of the block? i’ve done smaller engines before and compressed rings one at a time to get them into the cylinder, will this work the same way?

the reason i’m asking is cause i don’t want to pull the head, then i need a new head gasket, intake manifold gasket, and i read that arp headstuds should be replaced once you remove them. i just don’t have any money for all this right now, if i did i would be building it from the bottom up. thanks

i think it would be possible. probably a pretty big pain in the ass, but yeah, i think you could do it.

it would be a major PITA to get the rings in without messing them up. Just go through the top. If you leave the intake on, then you don’t need a gasket for that and you can reuse the studs

thank you so much. i thought i would be the only person who would ever imagine it possible, and for once i didn’t have to deal with everyone complaining about posting something"stupid" or without searching it, which i did.

i’m willing to deal with the pain in the ass issue of not using a ring compressor, which will probably be the problem, as long as it saves me some money and probably some time too.

ok, i was just going on what a friend said about having to replace the studs and taking the intake manifold off. still probably gonna try it without taking it off. let you know how i do

you have to go from the top. you can reuse the studs

you are also going to have to clean up the cylinders with a honing brush so the rings will seat correctly you cant cheap out out on these things if you dont have the cash just wait if you dont you will be spending more in the long run

i’ve gotta pull the pan and stuff anyways so i’m gonna try from the bottom first since i’ll already be in there. if it works i’m gonna inspect the walls the best i can and if they’re ok i’ll just slide the pistons in. if it don’t work i’ll pull the head and do it right. i know i’ll spend more in the long run if i cheap out, but i just need it to stop smoking as bad as it is, and i’ve had plenty of buddies that just swapped out rings and everything went fine.

i’ts not that i can’t save the money to do it, it’s that i don’t have another $200 for the gaskets i want. i ordered my rings and some rod bearings already (should be here today) and for what i spent, as long as it smokes less for a little while i’ll be fine. i mean the car is probably gonna get parked this winter so i only need a few months of non smoking.

wasn’t possible. ontop of everything i got the head off, pulled my pistons and every one had cracked ringlands and no. 1 had a ringland that fell out in my hands. time for upgraded pistons