Can you put a vtec controller on a non vtec car?

I have a 93 teg that i put a b18ai from a 91 in and the problem im having is the car is wired for an apexi vtec controller. So i was just wondering if i could put an apexi on there even tho my motor is nonvetec. Thanks

you could, but it wouldn’t be worth it unless you go Vtec, My bud had one on his ls before he did his ls/v conversion. He raised his rpm on the ls before he slapped every thing on, but it didn’t do anything.

if u feel like messing around with ur motor (and probably get no real gains except for the ones in ur head), then install a S-AFC.

my buddy has a vtec controller on his srt-4 lol so that would be a yes but obviously you cant control the vtec if you dont have vtec

Thanks for the help. I keep getting an ELD code (code 20) and i dont know why. Is it because the person that took the apexi out jus clipped the wires or is it something else?