cank pulley fell off while driving! lost only crank pulley washer

well it’s been about a month since i changed my timing belt on my b18 and i’ve run into my first problem. last night as i wash cruising around, i suddenly noticed that the batt light had come on. so i pulled over thinking the belt just snapped off since it was old and it wasn’t a big deal. i popped the hood expecting to see just a broken alt belt but instead i nearly crapped my pants when i saw that the whole crankshaft pulley had come loose and was sitting right on the plastic mud guard directly benieth it with the bolt and key still attached lol. I did, however, loose the “washer” thingy that goes between the crank pulley and the timing gear. what would be my best source for a part like this? i’ve tried most of the local auto parts stores and none of them carry it. the junkyard is pretty much out of the question 'cause i wouldn’t have any way to get a rusty old crank bolt off by hand.

or a local dealership