can't find thermostat!!

i searched and searched and read some insttructionsbut still cant locate it! anyone have a pic pleaaase!

Follow the lower radiator hose to the back side of the engine. where the hose connects to the engine is where the termistate is.

just take out the two 10mm bolts and the the hose inlet comes off and thats where the therm sits

im about to kill someone… how the hell are you supposed to get to these bolts with all the damn wiring and hoses in the way? yea i took the itnake tubing out… i acnt get the lowere rad hose off the housing without damaging it… i have ONE bolt to go and its drivign me up the wall!

it is a tight fit. some times you gonna have to move some of that stuff out of the way to get in there.

to get the hose off. take some chanel locks or a set of vice grip(set it real loose and grab the hose and just twist it back and forth to break up all that corrosion. and it should slide off . if the hose need replacement just cut it w a razor and peel it away. dont do that though unless your replacing the hose.

to get it on, slap a lil axel grease or some WD40 in the hose and it will slide right on.:slight_smile: