Cant Shift At High Revs

Clutch seems fine doesnt slip at all, and everything shifts fine while your sitting still or granny shifting but as soon as you punch it and try to bang any gear its almost impossible to get it in gear your first try until the revs drop, i cant figure it out Any help?

Does it grind? or just won’t go in?

synchros!.. i’m guessing…:stuck_out_tongue:

it doesnt really want to go in but when you yank it, it makes one hell of a grindin noise sounds like a wounded animal cryin for help this cars drivin me crazy i just need to know for sure whats up so i can buy parts or get it fixed but everyone just gives me a bunch of b.s:(

who’s giving you BS?

Anyway, it does sound like your syncros to me, or maybe your clutch just isn’t adjusted right.

If it’s your syncros, it’s probably just cheaper to buy a rebuilt tranny.

I had this guy i knew workin on my car and he was doin everything almost for free. But hes slackin so i gotta Figure this sh*t out on my own.

alright well thats tight , how much do you think for a rebuilt LS tranny?