can't shift into gear...nothing big (hopefully)

well this isn’t anything big but when I start my car and warm it up for about 5min then I try to shift into gear it seems to get stuck and I can’t get it in any gear without forcing it. Is this because I have to let it warm up more? sorry for the noob question.

assuming its a stick possible your clutch is toast

could be a dead clutch… mine did that in the middle of the road… and i had to coast to the side… try turning off the car, and starting the car in gear, if it shakes VIOLENTLY even with the clutch pressed in, the clutch or pressureplate is gone…

I have the same thing with 1st and reverse, it is just somtimes dificult to get it to click all the way in, and feels like it is stuck, it always helps by shifting into second then to first, or to 5th then reverse to get it to go in smoothly… so try that…

Also to add on, is having to shift into other gears to get it to go in smoothly (without sticking) bad? is it normal or signs of tranny failure…

this only happens when I first start the car. After I start driving everything is smooth, no grinds or sticky shifts. For the record I just pulled the car out of storage (3months), So could it be that it needs to get worked in?

this is exactly what mine does also so i’d be interested in any response :smiley:

Maybe the fluid is old, chenge the tranny fluid and see what happens…

mine did the same until i replaced the clutch after that i was fine man.

save the worry get the clutch done

I dont think so man, if it was clutch related it would have to do with the throwout bearing, i think, and my clutch was just recently replaced and i have the same prob…

Also the tranny would grind if the clutch was not disengaging properly… I think its a syncro issue, them not lining up correctly that just probably happens on older trannys, but i could be wrong…

Also i just got done flushing my tranny (drain and fill…drive 150 miles…drain and fill)

And it has reduced signifcantly if not disapeared completly, go get some genuine honda MTF from the dealer, it takes about 3 quarts to fill it, so get 7 it’ll cost about 35 bucks and flush it out

Thats another option that seemed to work for me, but then again when i bought the car it had no tranny fluid in it for who knows how long so it probably helped me more :smiley: The pan i drained the oil into looked like i had been panning for gold it had so many shavings in it…:frowning:

Depending on the temp where you are, (i dont know where peg city is) but if your climate temp is realy chilled, it will be hard to get her into gear, i live in minnesota, and once she warms up, she is good. I also , got a new clutch, and it happend before, and after i replaced it. For those of you with cars that wont go into gear, dont replace the clutch right away. This may sound really stupid, but i have heard many stories, on after market pedals the screws do not allow the clutch to go to the floor all the way. Please, check this first.

shit, I just started having this problem. It’s really annoying. It’s been kinda cold in the mid 60s to mid 50s. Well I take it out of gear, turn it on and go to put it back in gear and it won’t budge. So I try to put it in second or the rest of the gears and it’s pretty hard for those gears too. So I practically force it in, and once I get rolling it’s all good. It’s not a warm up thing with me. Once I turn on the car, i pull out within a matter of seconds. As long as it’s rolling it’s all good. This only happens when I turn on the car, especially overnight. I’ll probably try the fluid flush.

haha yeah thats what mine looked like too. couldn’t believe how bad that stuff smells too…it definetly helped but it didn’t stop it completely. kind of like cold medicine.

the thing with not going in first or reverse is normal. both of my 2g tegs do it and both of my cousins old accords do it. I think its just a honda thing plus the cars are kinda old but I don’t think it is to serious.

I just did a tranny swap and i’m having the problam of not going in 1st unless you go to second first and cant go into rev. unless you go to 5th… :shrug: Clucth is fine tranny questionable. Going to try re doing the fluid acouple tims and see what happens. Any other ideals? Tranny? Clutch?

yeah. same problem here. hard to get it in first when the car is cold. all the other gears are fine, but when the car is warmed up first is smooth. i checked everything i can think of but still cant figure it out.

Well the same thing happend to me. When i checked the clutch the throwout bearing was broken and one spring in the clutch disc had broken out of its little holder thing and was scraping the flywheel bolts. If i were you i would check your clutch disc and throwout bearing and also do a tranny flush.