Can't source heater inlet hose

So here’s the thing, I’m super frustrated right now. If I missed finding the answer previously posted I apologise in advance. I searched.
Our '90 RS popped a leak in the heater valve to engine hose. Acura calls it heater inlet hose A # 79721-sk7-a00 discontinued. None of the local parts stores has a listing for this twisty b***h!! Or any information on size. I can’t just pull it as I’m not at home.
Has anyone out there replaced this with something universal??
Need a solution ASAP as otherwise I’m stranded or looking at a huge towing bill.

Ideas anyone? [h=1][/h]

Are you talking about the hose that just goes from the heater valve to the housing on the block? Illustration on the OEM parts catalog as #2 with the part number of 79721-SK7-A00?

Yeah, that’s the one. Found a nearby friends place to park it and got a ride home. Looked under the hood and Teg #2 has been fitted with a universal hose but no size marked on it. I don’t want to open up either one and deal with spilled anti-freeze until I have to. Seems all the parts counter folks around here don’t have much knowledge beyond what’s in the computer. Any idea what size the fitting is or hose size? Oh and I did see an eBay listing for the hose but I can’t wait that long. Still daily driving Ol’ Silver.:slight_smile:

I’m wondering if I’m having the same issue. What did you end up doing?

Sorry for the late reply. Well, as it usually happens had to do it the hard and messy way. Pulled off the hose and mic’d the fittings. Put on universal hose. I swear I made notes on size but I must have used disappearing ink. Ha.
If I ever run across the size note I’ll post it. Hope you have it all fixed.