Car Bogs real bad, and runs rich...

Hey guys. here’s my problem, I really need help and no one has been able to help me out so far.
I drove the car for 850 miles ran fine and very strong, from 850-1000 miles. it started losing power and slowly got worse gas mileage, it got to the point where I can barely drive it.

My car revs up extremely slow, sitting in nuetral I can rev it up but it revs really slow, as if it’s in gear driving down the road.

when I do drive it, it’s very hard to accelerate it takes forever to climb in rpms and barely speeds but when I rev past 4500-5000rpms, it just lets go and pulls very hard like it normally should.

I’m also running rich. I’m running stock non obd fuel system aside from a AEM fuel rail. I have C1 bottom end, C5 top end. all non obd wiring

I’m getting no codes, timing is just fine, ignition timing is fine. my idle is normal, it doesn’t miss or anything. I"ve tried, new O2 sensor, another TPS, another MAP, a different Distributor, new spark plug wires, new plugs, new engine harness. and another ECU. they made no difference the only other things I haven’t tried are,resistor pack and FPR. which I’ll try in the next day or so.

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP, I"ve been out a car for a couple monthes, I need this problem fixed. any ideas would be great, my aim is G2Crash. Thanks