Car continuiously blowing ecu fuse..

My car hasnt run for over a week now and I went ahead and checked some of the things that other people told me to check. The initial problem was that there was no spark coming from the spark plug wires. yesterday I checked the timing belt, and it is fine, but then I went ahead and checked the ecu. Under the hood in the fuse box, I noticed that the 10a ecu fuse was blown, so I changed it and tried to start my car. Again it cranked but did not start. I checked the fuse once again and noticed it was blown once again, so I then put in a new fuse with the key turned two clicks and the fuse blew as soon as i put it in. Im guessing that this has a lot to do with my problem. Anyone have any idea of how I could find the culprit?

if there isnt any spark it’s the distributor i replaced that last year… not even the acura dealership could get it started… i had it towed to 3 different shops…so just replace the distributor and replace the fuse…good luck

i believe member AzNKT (colin) had that same problem and he mentioned to me about it having to do with the alternator. it was either the alternator itself or the wire from it to the underhood fuse box was bad.

might wanna test those items with a digital multimeter for voltage problems.

its probably a wire shorting out under the hood responsible for the fuse blowing, check em out