car died all of a sudden

I was driving down the street and my car dies all of a sudden and then it started back firing and wouldnt suck down anymore gas…so i pulled over on the side of the road and tried starting it and it wouldnt start, and every since then my car hasnt started…it’ll crank and just backfire, that’s all it will do…i just had the motor rebuilt…only have 1800 miles on it…anyone know what this is???

check your timing belt, see if it hasn’t fell off or ripped. Next, I’d check your distributor, see that it should be working properly.

I’ll check the timing belt… I’ve looked at the distributor and everything seemed to be fine with that…unless maybe i have a bad coil wire…but Im gonna go outside and have a look at the both of them

Check your rotor button sounds like the set screw may have fallen out causing it to spin