car dies while driving

its hard to start more frequently, it takes a while to start just keeps turning then it catches then dies it keeps doing this till it finally starts. Then i’ll be driving along it has no power so i give it gas and it dies and its hard to start again.

Is your battery light on? If so check the charge on the battery, take it to an auto parts store. Check your alternator, take it to a mechanic.

If the light is not on check your plug wires, your dist cap and rotor, and of course, your plugs.

Sounds like an ignition problem. Other possible problems are your coil and, hold on to your panties, that ground wire that goes from your valve cover to just behind the radiator could be loose. Check all these things.

If all of these things seem to be okay and the problem persists please call American Online. Why not? Everyone else calls me for problems I don’t give a fuk about! :slight_smile:

Btw if you’re reading this and you use AOL, I hope you’re offended. :gun: AOL

I’m very hostile when I get home from work.

My Distribution Cap was busted wide open when my wouldn’t start. Try checking there.