car dying

when i go to slow down i take it out of gear and my rpms drop (obviosly) but they keep dropping and then it just dies… could it be bad grounds? all help is appreciated

fuel filter

I was having odd problems like that for a while and I was suspecting the fuel pump when another bodyman I work with suggested the coil and ignitor. I replaced those and it was ok for a week or so then started again. Long story short I had a crazy feeling to put a multimeter on my battery to find out what the alternator was charging at. The voltage regulator in the alternator had failed and it was charging the system between 8 and 20 volts which in turn was cooking shit and making the car act like that. I’m not a mechanic but it’s worth a look maybe.

not tryin to jack your thread but my car does the same thing. when i come to a stop the cars rpms drop all the way down and the lights and whatever else is on dies out like it wants to cut off, but the cars stays running. i would like to know what it is