Car Engine Light on and car shakes!!! HELP!!!!

I’ve been wondering what happened to my car. First the car wouldn’t start so I did what a typical guy would do TUNE-UP!! It worked but the car had a rough idle fixed the idle, but when the car is cold the RPM gauge bar keep falling and rising up to 1000rpm. Once I drive the car and push the engine till I redline suddenly the Engine light comes on. Somebody said it’s the Engine control but I don’t even know what that is. Please help HELP losing my mind!!

please do a search

check ur ecu for the code(s) it is giving you. they are in the tegtips


I check my ECU, as soon as I flipped on the switch it blinked once!! does that mean it’s my o2 sensor??? or does it just does that because it turns on?? it does that too when I turn off the key??? HELP???

since ur new ill be nice
the bounching idle is normal at warmup dont worry bout it.

u got to give us more info here. what year teg do u have? 90-91 are different from 92-93 to check. u turn the car to the on position (turn key one turn) then u get to your ecu and check to see what code it gives u.

long binks are one digit and short blinks are 2nd digit

so if it gave me 4 long blinks then 3 short ones, that means i have a code 43.

then u go to tegtips and see what code 43 is. (43 is usually o2 sensor)

btw- the ecu is supposed to blink once when u turn on the car.

give us more info