car gets hot

i put a new thermostat in since the other one looked rusted and the car still gets hot,it dont acctually get ht but when im driveing the little needle move toward the red spot but it never touches the red spot,when i get home and open the hood i can hear the coolant boiling and i can feel the hot heat commeing from the engine,the radiator looks a little rusted inside could that be the problem?

If the radiator is not cooling the coolant flowing past it, then your car will get hot. Is your fan coming on? You are getting coolant through radiator?

If so then it’s not a thermotat problem. I wish I had some more information on spotting a damaged radiator. :frowning:

i dont know if the fan come on…i’ll check,the coolant just be boiling and when i open the hood all this heat come out