Car goes to WOT from start up!!!!

Hey guys i am completely stumped. I have a 90 LS, 5 speed. I know the timing is not correct but i have a bigger problem. The engine has started and ran fine the few times that i have started it, but today when i went to move the car it started and then went to WOT and wouldnt let off. So i quickly shut the car down. I adjusted the throttle cable and it still did the same thing. So then i took the intake off to make sure the throttle blade wasnt stuck open and i started it up and the same thing happened. I cant seem to find any vacuum leaks and everything looks to be correct. Is there anything i am missing? Where in the world could it be leaking in that much air? Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW the car is completely stock.

disconnect the throttle cables and yes i said it with an S. start the car. let me know if this reoccurs

Brake booster hose??..TPS MOVED??

Well i am an idiot. It was gunk in the TB and when i adjusted the throttle cable thinking it was completely closed, in reality it wasnt. So i kept searching in other areas for a problem i had just thought i fixed. So i cleaned the TB, readjusted the throttle cable and it is as good as new. Lesson learned from a simple mistake. Thanks guys for your help!

here this video might help if its not your TB