Car has problems starting! Please help!

Okay, here is the scenario. Every morning when i go start my car, it happens. First thing, i turn off the car alarm (it gives me a weird sound like it’s about to die)…usually it gives me a nice chirp. Again, this only happens in the morning. Then, I get in the car. I put the key in the ignition and turn, and there is no crank. It takes about 3-5 seconds before it cranks and starts. After it starts, it is fine…and the rest of the day is fine also. Also, my alarm chirp sounds normal the rest of the day also. So…the question is “what is this hesitation before it cranks?” If anyone has had the same problem or knows what the problem is then lemme know.

1st thought: Is the battery going bad?
2nd thought: Starter bad?
3rd thought: Main fuel relay?

Well, any input would be helpful. Thanks…

I’m not sure what the answer is but you can probably rule out the MFR. I’m currently having issues with mine…ugh. The easiest way to tell if it’s that is to turn the key to “on” and wait a few seconds and listen for the “click” when the check engine light goes off. If that happens then the relay is working. But it doesn’t sound like the MFR

it could also be that sum THING is discharging your battery. & in the morning your battery is weak. Or the battery isnt holding enough charge. Check the fluid on the battery & see if its low.

its deffinitly something at least in your electrical system

dieing battery
weak ground(s)
drain on battery


check over all those and make sure everything looks up to par

redo grounds if need be, scrape paint from grounding points if there is any, maybe even just go over most of them with a wire brush just because, couldnt hurt

yeah, i’m pretty sure it’s not the mfr because it still clicks when you turn on the ignition. i took out my clutch switch and tested it. it still works. i checked the connections on the starter to see if they were loose but they weren’t. i also took my battery to Kragen for them to run a test and they said it was normal. my next hunch is that it might be the alarm that is crapping out on me since it has the ignition kill. so today, i disconnected the ignition kill on the alarm. (fingers crossed). let’s hope this is the source of the problem. like i said in my first post, this problem isn’t an everyday thing. it only happens on some days…so in a couple of days, if the problem doesn’t happen anymore then it might be just be the alarm that is bad. thanks for the replies guys. i’ll keep you posted.

i had the same problem, last owner didnt remove all the wiring for the alarm system it still had some fuses attached to it, when i pulled out all those wires my car starts right up. hope thats your case.