Car having stalling problems

Whats up guys im a noob to this whole honda thing but i know a lil suttin about cars… but anyways i did reserch the forums but i didnt come across anything. i have a 1990 stock ls it starts and warms up fine but once it warms up the idle drops to almost 0 and wants to stall about 30 seconds after idleing at 750rpm wtf did i do wrong i cleaned the IACV and i have no vacuum leaks. what the hell could it be??? and how would u go about testing for a bad FPR?


the ignitor maybe?

how would i go about checking that is there a thread on it?

adjust ur idle screw and do a fuel system cleaning. that will help a lot.

wich one the one on the TB cuz when i adjust it it dose nothing cuz the TPS just corrects it. but when it is unplugged then id dose something but then i get a CEL and the TPS is good i tested it with a multimeter and it was fine. but when i adjust the idle it still drops way low and wants to stall but dosent.

haha im having the same problem now with my idle. my idle screw does nothing aswell. but u can adjust ur TPS by looseing the screws and moving it around.

well my tps is rivited on so there is no adjusting in that department but i was doing a more thero reserch earlier and i came up with this…

when adjusting the idle screw unplug the IACV after it warms up

then jump the ecu as u would when looking for codes

then adjust the idle screw accordingly

turn the car off reconnect the IACV un jump the ecu and reset it by removing the backup fuse under the hood
start it then see if the idle is better if not repeat the steps till its right…

this way the computer dosent fight u when u adjust the screw buy messing with all the mixtures… im gonna try it tommarow and see how it works out then i will repost my results!