Car idles from 800rpm - 3000rpm ???

I searched for a bit this morning and could not find something directly pertaining to my issue, but if someone knows of a thread that will help me, please by all means post a link…thanx

So I am driving home from the barber shop yesterday (mild rain), when I come to a traffic light and my idle starts racing to around 3k and then drops to normal…then back up and so on…

When I got home I checked everything and all connections seem to be good (vacuum, sensors etc) and it doesn’t look like anything came loose or got wet.

What should I check 1st?

Im thinking…FIT-V or TPS went bad. I hope so cuz I have an extra of each in the garage.

Any help or links would be appreciated!

Thanx in advance


FITV fix
possibly IACV

pcv valve disconnected itself. It seems that it is a 2 piece unit and it popped out…popped it back in and she was good to go!

Thanx for your help…it was kinda hard to spot

for future reference.