Car Is Acting Strange.

this is kinda 2 part problem, although i dont know if they tie in with each other or not. heres the problem: Sometimes when i start my car after its been sitting for a couple hours or a day, my rpm gauge jumps, between 1000-1500 :stare: it goes away when i drive. but it does shows up sometimes when im idling at a light, but it you dont notice it when im driving. its not a common thing, but it does happen, also. there is no paticular pattern but if i turn off my car and start it back up, instead of the car idiling it just dies, and when i try to restart it doesnt start, after a few tries/mins :bang: it starts up like nothing. i have replaced my plugs, cap & rotor a little while ago. any input would be greatly appericated. :cross:

I am having exactly the same problem for the first part. My car when ideling will rev between 1500 and 2500rpms, and keep going back and forth. According to the honda dealership it is caused in my case by leaking seals on my injectors. For the other problem, i dont really know enough to give you a good idea. I just know about the first as i have the same problem.

Have you checked/cleaned the IACV and the FITV?

check your throttle body for gummy build-up and change your fuel filter. then let me know your results

use a sensor safe type t.b. cleaner for cleaning these b/c some carb cleaners are too harsh for the sensors and their is also plastic in the iac that could distort.
as for the other prob. it could be the early signs of the igniter going or also a common prob. is the main fuel relay which is located behind the lower dash panel around where your left knee would be if you are sitting in the driver seat.GL