car is not starting

ok so this start moning i went out and started the car (93 gsr) it uselly start in the coldest weather but today it’s only -2 ane its not even that cold but its not starting so i thought it was a dead starter swap that it cranks but wont start so now im on here for ideas.
things ive done check so far

timming is dead on
has spark
has fuel
main realy
fuel pump
plug wires
the car is all stock nothing done to it only a cheap ebay header n highflow cat.

1.Wrong forum
2.check the idle control valve,might be stuck.
And -2 is dam cold man,check the coolant and see if its frozen,i had this happen to me cause i kept adding water instead of coolant and so the mix wasn’t 50/50.

seam like the right for to me…do you know for sure it geting fuel an spark?

It was posted in the GD forum before :slight_smile:

yes its geting fuel and spark i check it my self, and NO -2 is not cold and i know my coolant aint frozen cuz i hate 50/50 shit.and i got it to start already my guess was/is the sparkplug the tip was soak in gas but thanks anyways.