car jerks, shuts off and jumpy idle

Okay guys I’ve got this peculiar problem with my car it’s a 91 integra with a b18b1. I’ll be driving and my car will start jerking and even shut off on me. It’ll fire back up instantly. Other times the idle will drop to zero I’ll have no power and then all of a sudden it’ll go back to normal. When the car shuts off randomly, if I don’t turn the key off all the way and just start it then the tach jumps to 5k-2k then back to 5k in the first second (doesn’t sound like the engine revs that high though) then it’ll idle normally but the oil light will be flashing. If I turn the key off first and then start it, it runs normally. If anyone could help that’d be great

It might be your ignition switch. Try wiggling the key around with it running and see if it shuts off.

Okay so I tried that and nothing. The car didn’t shut off

Hopefully someone else has something. That’s what it sounded like to me.

Someone has got to have heard of something like this before. I found a guy that posted about his prelude doing this but the thread went dead before it was resolved. I think it was posted on Honda tech and back in 04

I had a similar problem. For me it was the ICM in the Distributor.

I was thinking it’s my distributor. Was it the same symptoms??

Yes it was.
My car would randomly turn off and I couldn’t turn it on until I took out the key.
Hesitant acceleration
RPM on tach would go haywire
My ICM had a bad crack on it. I believe this happened a while ago when my rotor went loose in the distributor, but I couldn’t see the crack until I took it out. After changing the ICM, my car stayed on and the RPM were normal. The other issus were due to old spark plugs.

Looks like fuel starvation. Check the fuel pump and fuel regulator also the fuel filter.