car just dies while driving..

what’s up all? i’m having a problem with my 91 GS. the car just dies while driving when i push in the clutch the rpm’s just go down and the motor kills. it does this after being warmed up on the road. if i put the clutch back in gear when rolling the motor will turn back on again and keep going. and if i’m at a stop light and the rpm’s kill the motor, i can easily start the car back up again. i’m thinking to change the cap and rotor asap as i haven’t done that yet but i’m also thinking it could be the fuel pump? any input?

What a bummer huh :frowning: I’m having the same problem car up my car sat for over two years and I finally got it running but it wasn’t an engine related problem. I put in a new hydro tranny and when I took it out for a test drive it died like 20x times.I got a quarter tank with a walbro in tank fuel pump and I’m wondering if that’s the problem bc sometimes they tend to make your car stave out of fuel. So maybe I answered my own question. Usually not all the time and I’m using that word loosely But most honda ignition related problems won’t even allow your car to run if it’s like a bad igniter or ignition coil. Sometimes when the igniter gets to hot it won’t let it run till it cools f but that’s a sign of it going bad and when it does take a shit it won’t even let you fire your car up no matter how many times you try to start it. Now the coil if it’s bad then your shit-out of luck. You can re-place it if you know how to open it (be very care full) without stripping out the cross bolt. Or simply just buy a new one or re-man. Before you do all of that check your rotor bc they ten to loosen up the little bolt and that can be an issue. Well sorry for a long paragraph and jacking up your thread but I hope that you can have some luck if you just go through the first basis that are very common on our cars .

thanks for reply. sorry u having the same problem. let me know here if you resolve this. i just want to know where to start looking. i think i might just start with the basics tho. i’m new to these cars and i been reading here that some ppl changed out their fuel pump and solved the problem. yeah mine will die all the time just normal driving and i don’t even drive this car very hard. almost baby it so it drives smooth.

I’ve owned my Integra since new. When mine died while driving, (few years back) had to replace the whole distributer. This includes the cap, rotor, ignition coil, etc. Distributer King has a life time warranty, and so far, has been great. Ordered online, and got it next day to Canada. Good luck!

thanks for the reply. i’m still watching this thread from time to time. my car is still dying at times but it’s also idling real low. i’m still waiting to change the cap and rotor and dis. cap. and fuel filter. not sure what to do next. but i think i’m gonna get a fuel pressure gauge from the auto shop to make sure my fuel pump is not the problem.

Check the grd at thermostat housing, make sure it’s secured. Reset the ecu, remove the back-up fuse(7.5a) from the under hood fuse box for 10seconds that will reset the ecu.
I was basically having the same problems, reset my ecu and ck grd, go ok for now.