Car just loses power and dies

somebody please help me my teg is sick and I dont know how to help her. When the car is hot and i turn it off it wont start for like 10 minutes until i guess it cools back down then it starts right up. Also i can be driving along and the car just starts to lose power. even if i mash the pedal to the floor the rpms fall slowly and the car jsut sputters out. Im real sure its in the ignition system. I’ve already checked the coil its not that. If any information please help I hate to see my baby like this.

judging by the info you just stated, it sounds like a faulty ignitor…

That happened with me… after it dies/shut’s off, it won’t start for about 10 mins… that’s when the car is in ‘limp’ mode… it gives you no warning and should happen every time when you’ve been driving for about 15-20 mins…

did you check what kind of trouble code is shooting out?

did you have gas in your car at that point in time…sounds like a problem you have when you are running on fumes…haha…just a thought.

ezact same thing happened to mine, would be driving, my rpm’s would start to fall, then the car would just stop. Turned out it was my ignitor coil and injector coil, now it runs great.