car makin weird nosie when start

:think: When i start my car and it goes to 2000 rps to starts it make a weird thing like its not gettin gas or it misfirein i dont know what it is but when i hit the gas it does fine but it acts like to wants to give out can some one help me here please

check for vacuum leaks or maybe it just needs a tuneup

the wires dist cap rotor plugs are less then 3 months old new belts less then 1 month old

sometimes when i start my car it makes a robot sound. no seriously, it really does, it’s really weird…

My car would rattle upon startup from a cold start, rattle for a couple of seconds at 1500 rpm then stop it and rpm would drop and settle back to normal.

Turned out to be one (or more) rod bearings. In the process of fixing all that now