Car making a little tick noise...

ok… the car was VERY quiet when we got it… then obviously, you gotta give her a little gas once you get it…too see what she’s got… and now at idle, it has a little tick… would anyone know what this is ?

valves. get an adjustment.

could be something else(LMA’s)…but i think i’d get a valve adj

LMA’s ??

and how do I do a Valve adjustment ?

LMA - lotion motion assembly. I was just throwin that out incase you were running a VTEC motor. personally i dont think LMA’s are that much to worry about…I know plenty of buddies that run with their little ‘ticks’…and they have no problems. but if you are as anal as I am, I’d get it replaced.

now if you dont have a vtec motor, that doesnt concern you.

If you have to ask “how do i do a valve adjustment?”, then I would just have someone else do it. It takes about 20 minutes or so.

lol, my dad would be doin it… hes the mechanic :wink: but I’m just always interested on how to do things…