Car missing/dying in rain

My car died last night and left me stranded at a stop light. It was only lightly raining. Today i started looking at it and the cap looked bad so i replaced it along with the rotor which was just flopping around. Car fired right up. YAY. I was driving home tonight and it was raining again and the car started missing every once in awhile and died twice but since i was rolling i just popped the clutch and it started right up again. I used dielectric grease on everything and no codes were thrown. What could it be?

i had the same problem just it wasn’t every time it rained. mines ended up being the §§§§§ was bad. i would check the injectors first to see if one is bad and making a cylinder not fire.

the site edited your post. Did you mean distributor?

Get a spray bottle that’s full of water and start spraying spark plug wires and the distributor while the car is running. When it starts to bog down or make funny noises start looking for sparking / arching at the wires. It’s pretty cool to see.

So today i took the cap off and pulled the coil out. The (-) wire had a bare spot(covered with heat shrink), sanded all the contacts clean of rust and used dielectric grease on every plug and contact point. Now it seems to be working fine now.