Car not starting weird problem

I have a problem with the car not starting, or it does but randomly. The other day I went to start it and it was dead, tried to get a jump but it barely worked but finally got it started with a jump. Changed the battery and the next day same thing not starting. Weird thing is after I just about gave up trying to start it…it finally started again. I noticed when i was driving when i hit the brakes the inside lights were dimming and at one point the radio turned off. When I shut the car off and tried to turn it back on nothing…no electrics were on at all.

SO I ask if anyone knows what is wrong with it? Could it be some simple relay or fuse somewhere…? I changed the main relay fuse about 2 years ago with a OEM acura one. Any help would be appreciated.

If it was a fuse, the car would not start until said fuse was replaced.

Sounds like a grounding issue… check/clean/tighten all chassis and battery grounds.

Ditto the above, redo your main grounds, [batt. post and cable clamp, batt. to chassis ground and chassis to engine ground]. 94

Get the alternator tested.