Car Problems...Please Help!

Ok here’s the problem…afew days ago, I was driving my car…and I notice the temperature was almost reaching the red…so I pull over and I notice the reservoir was over filled with coolant. I had a feeling it did this from the stop leak stuff I put in my radiator since it has a small crack and which I also used some JB weld to temporary seal the crack until I buy another radiator but this time aftermarket. I know for sure it clogged my radiator, so today I decide to flush my radiator and after doing so, I start to refill my radiator…and for some reason it seems like the coolant isn’t going down. I’m thinking maybe the stop leak stuff clogged it really bad. Which I know not too use ever again. After doing that…I start my car but for some reason it won’t start…I crank it up…but it won’t turn over. My stereo is working fine and all the other things…it just wont start.
If anybody has ideas or has the same kind of problems…let me know.
Thanks in advance.

never put that stop leak stuff.

I bought that thing last year, and it clogged the system, and my hose exploded due to pressure.

When you replace the radiator, make sure you pressure pump water through the entire engine so that its free of all the gunk.