Car rolls about a 1' then stops. Diff broken?

My 90 GS Manual Trans car locked up today pulling into a parking spot:bawl:. It will move about 1’ then stops:werd:. It will shift through the gears just fine, and move under its own power for that foot. I don’t think its the trans, but would the diff cause this?:think:

When it rolls and stops,dose it feel like the car is still trying to move like if it was tide up? Or dose it just simple rev up and set there?
Check your axles.

it feels like it wants to keep moving, but its binding. like running into a curb. this happens in forward and reverse.

Definitely sounds like the trans

:bang:Yep it was the diff !! I took the trany out this morning and there was pieces of spider gear falling out of the drive shaft hole. I also found a hole in the inner case ! :(looks like I’m in the need of a new trans !!

Got the replacement trans in yesterday, and all is well:excite::excite:

transmission problem…

im sure that the differential gear bearings stock up…the only thing for you to do is pull out the alxes…then you can try to move the car…hahahaha…panned to me before…in the midle of trafic…

Don’t forget to add oil to the transmission or its going to happen again.