Car running rich and smoke from exhaust

I had a fluctuating idle which was due to my pvc vavle being nonexistent. It looks like my car isn’t running as rich anymore but only wednesday will tell, I replaced all the vacuum hoses and stumbled upon my fitv which was rot as well as the hoses so I changed them. Cleaned the iacv and fitv idle is perfect,

Before I did all of this me and my mechanic did a compression test on my car, numbers were all between 145 and 150. Pretty good numbers from what I heard. But soon after that I started to blow smoke from the exhaust, I can’t tell if its blue or white. Its a bit dark but not black, and it is white but not supper white. I also remember when we took the spark plugs out to do the compression test there was a tad bit of oil around them, I don’t think I’m losing oil and my coolant is the same, none look mixed.
My question is, what could it be?

  • I do know that blue=oil, white=coolant, and black=fuel so please don’t come and try to “help” by saying that.

Did you by chance put the pcv valve on backwards? This would cause you to get blow-by

Edit: Also the blue=oil, white=coolant, and black=fuel technique is not really an accurate way of telling what your burning. Running rich can also produce white smoke, coolant leaks are not always detectable by smoke color, burning oil can often look white, etc…

PCV not on backwards, made sure of it, thanks.

And the whole white= blue= was just something I laid out so no one would try to answer me with it, its been getting extremely redundant and gives no answers.
I want people, who have had my same situation or know of one, to provide their answers on how to reach a solution to my problem.


It might just be the carbon buildup left by not having the PVC is. Run some cleaner in it and go from there. You said the car is running good and don’t seem to be running rich? That would be the only thing it might be.

this might help…

when i swapped my b18b 10 months back, i ran it that way and it would smoke a bit… oil i was assuming or carbon deposites, when i would punch it 100% after 4000rpms.

about a month and a half ago i seafoamed my car and changed the oil, ever since then my car didnt smoke anymore. so im assuming the seafoam cleaned all the deposites up.
maybe you can give seafoam a shot and it might do the same for you.


Thanks Karlo, ill give it a shot!

sup trivDA9… I’m awaiting/ wondering if the sea foam solved your problem… ???

np, any luck?

The seafoam helped my car alot. It used to smoke alot!

theres a possibility it may have just been burning blue because oil leaked into the cylinders through the spark plug holes when you pulled them. seeing as how you said there was oil around the plugs, which may have been due to leaking spark plug grommets. was there oil in the socket when you pulled it out?
if that were the case though, it would have burned off pretty quickly though

sorry to have taken soo long guys. i have yet to do the seafoam treatment, i dont know if it would help. at first i was thinking on just letting the oil that went into the combustion chamber sort of burn out but their still seems to be some smoke every now and then. kind of worries me since its been a while since i posted this thread and the problem is still occuring. another thing i saw today was that my oil level is now low, who knows if its because i hauled it a couple times last week or if its becasue of an oil leak. :frowning:

btw blue smoke is comming out.

Check/replace PVC. I know if its clogged,it will do this.

I’ll double check but the PVC is only a month old or so.

possibly valve seals. does it smoke more on start up?

I have to agree with welfare.

compression numbers look good but it since its very obvious your loosing oil. i would do a leak down and what results you get from that.