Car Running Very Rich My Setup Includes:


All bolt ons I/H/E an APEXi AFC and high lift cams.

I think it’s the oxygen sensor though.

-car runs very rich, the A/F gauge says it’s running rich unless I lean out the top end a lot (-30%) !!
-the A/F gauge doesn’t give consistent readings like it used to (a few bars max, now half the dial lights up under WOT)

-Unless I lean the entire system out a lot, the car runs crappy, feels like it’s rich, and black smoke on my bumper.

It’s just wrong to have to drive around with my settings so lean, something is off. Once the car threw a code 43 a while ago (02 sensor) but never did again.

-The car also exhibits the typical low end sputter sometimes associated with the sensor.

-The car also throws a code 3 every now and then (manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP sensor) but it’s done that ever since the header went on and it’s no big deal.


hmm i dunno how to hellp, but ill start, since no one posted back.

check they catalyic converter… if its banged up…the 02 will go off if its messed up.

are your spark plugs gapped correctly>?