car runs but wont start with key,need help

first off 1990 teg 5 speed. so i can push start it and it runs fine but i cant start it with the key. ive replaced the starter, starter relay, and ignition switch. still got nothin. checked fuses and all look good. im runnin out of options. any thoughts or ideas would help. thanks

does the car have an alarm?? most of them have cut off switches on the alarm. if not then make sure the clutch switch is working… that would be last thing you need to connect the power to the starter. it looks like wires connected to the clutch pedal and gets depressed when the clutch is pressed.


cars does not have an alarm. and i just took out the clutch switch out and from what my hayes manual says to check for continuity is backwards from how the switch reads. i have continuity when you push the little button in which would be when you release the pedal and none when you let go of the button which is when youd press the pedal down.

That sounds like the cruise control clutch shut down switch,
continuity when clutch pedal not stepped on and no continuity when clutch pedal stepped on.

What colors are the leads going to switch and how many leads?

Input to CS, [clutch switch] is black, [ground] output to CC is pink.

Input to CIS, [clutch interlock switch] is black, [ground] output to starter relay is black/blue.

Try this… ground the black/blue lead, if engine turns over when starting with key, replace CIS. 94

rc51ed thanks for your help. it was the clutch interlock switch.

fmc once again you are the shit!!! you always give detailed advice. and yes the first switch i pulled was the black and pink one. opps i didnt look up far enough. i see it now its very close to the back side of the dash board. i grounded the blk/blue wire and BAMMMMM. starts right up. i guess i know my next part to fix.

THANK YOU. if you were in va beach id buy you beer

Glad i could help… hope you didn’t spend too much money on the other replaced parts.