Car seems slower after lowering

Hey, I have a 92 gsr that I just lowered on skunk2 springs 2.25 front and 2.5 in the rear . But now my car seems slower now that it is lowered .What could be causing this???Thanks!

slower? accelerating? you’re on crack.

Is it dragging on the ground? :gay:

No, what I mean is ever since I installed the springs my car feels and is slower in acceleration, I know that I need a camber kit for the front but it insn’t off bad enough too slow me down. I used the washer trick for the back. Bout two weeks ago I was running consistently 14.8 in the 1/4, now I’m running 15.4 with the same weather cond… Just wanted see if anyone had any ideas.

ususally ur car will run better, less air under the car.

get the alignment done

It would certainly affect your launch, but once the tires grab, it shouldn’t really affect much. Certainly not .6 seconds worth…

maybe you hit your brake caliper and now your brakes are constantly on. Or maybe your like me and always think your car is some how gettin slower and slower and its not.

maybe u think this bc whenu had ur stock suspension it would rock back and forth more bc the suspension was stock. but now that u lowered it its stiffer. lmk if this helps def get a alignment and maybe a camber kit

He said he actually ran slower in the quarter though.