Car shakes at 1500RPM cold idle

When the engine is cold, it idles at 1500RPM’s which I understand is normal. However, the car shakes a bit. Not violently like its about to stall, but more than what I’m used to. After the idle goes to 750, the shaking stops. When I give it gas in neutral to 1500RPM, it doesn’t shake. What could this be?

hey mine does the same thing cept that instead of shaking at 1500, mine is around 1000 or so. the shaking isn’t too bad. i dont’ know what it could be. hey i’m from san jose also, what does your car look like? and what area do you drive in? i might have seen you around

motor mount?

It’s probably the motor mounts… but dont sweat it… mine shakes alot too… Different parts of my car shake at different RPMs:

@ 1500 - driver door and coin tray shake & rattle
@ 2000 - the driver window rattles
@1100 - the headlight rattles against my bumper
@1300/1400 - passenger door rattles
around 2500 - my keys rattle like mad against my ignition slot
between 1000 and 1500 - the hatch rattles with different noises

hahaha… makes me laugh sometimes… no mechanical probs so far, tho… :smiley:

Re: Car shakes at 1500RPM cold idle

You have started another ever popular shakey, erratic idle thread.
Mine’s the same way. Here’s the list of things that I did in attempt to solve the problem but failed miserably.
1- adjust idle
2- replace fuel filter
3- replace spak plugs
4- replace distributer/rotor
5- adjust timing
6- flush out old ATF (I have an auto)
Someone mentioned alternator might be causing all
this. My heart sank to the garage floor when
Helm manual said I need to remove the axle to do take the alternator out.

Originally posted by 9integra2
When the engine is cold,…
… What could this be?

if you turn the wheels really hard and jack up the car, you can “fish” out the alt without dropping the axle…



I think my idle problem is unique. It doesn’t fluctuate erradicately nor does it make the car shake all the time. It only shakes during cold start idle of 1500RPM. Once the car is warmed up, the car stops shaking when I rev it up to 1500 in neutral.

SpikeyMikey-My car is just your regular ole’ 92GS, stock looking, except its lowered on Pro-Kits and has an HKS sports exhaust. If it was really fast, it would be your total sleeper. I mainly commute on 101 between capitol and montague.

hey i’m usually up in that area, well sort of, more like the berryessa and capitol area. actually i’m always in taht area hahahha

spikeymikey-I definately would remember if I’ve seen your car, but I haven’t. I must not get out enough. hahaha

tegNUVO haha i find your observations quite humorous

anyways i wanna get rid of mine too. 90sedan, thanks for pointing out what i need to do, but did anyone fix the mounts and solve the problem? someone said something about using urethane filler in the mounts but couldnt locate some