Car shakes during accelation

My car shakes pretty bad under acceleration. I recently did a full tune up. And just replaced the touqe mounts and used inserts. I dont remember is shaking before when i first installed the mounts. I also have new tires and good alignment. The clutch is only a couple months old as well. Does the inserts make is shake during acceleration? It only does it in first and second gear.

weird… is one of your hubs loose? maybe check that, wheel lugs, axles… just give your suspension a good look.

Are the new tires any good? My GSR used to shake under hard acceleration when I had crappy Michelins in the standard integra size (195r60-14). Recently installed Bridgetstones in 205r50-15 and it hasn’t been shaking since. Handling has improved significantly.

No their cheap federal supersteels. But I dont know why it does it only in first and second gear.

i would say that whatever it is, it stops vibrating because it gets to spinning toward the point where it is brought upright (not wobbling). can’t really figure out how to explain it. kinda like a spinning top. a theory i guess.

Check your inner CV joints! Vibration on acceleration is usually those joints.

check both axle’s and boots. Chattering (studdering) during acceleration is one of the signs of a blown CV joint.

I agree with the last two posters. This recently happened to me. Car had no issues and I hadn’t done a thing to it in months. All of a sudden, one day on my way home from work I noticed that it was vibrating really bad while accelerating. I later noticed that the vibration would stop once I reached my cruising speed and stopped accelerating. Since I had a spare set of wheels and tires, I tried that first but it didn’t help. I tried a couple of other things like replacing the plugs and wires, but that didn’t help either. Finally, I went for the axles. I replaced the passenger side axle first and I noticed that the inner joint had a lot of play to it. Replacing the axle fixed the problem and the vibration went away.

Wouldnt I hear some sort of clicking in the cv joints were bad?

Is it possible at all that its the mount inserts?

The outer CV joints will click, but the inners will not, and they are typically the cause of your kind of vibration problem.

I had a blown motor mount and the problom was more that the wheels wouldnt stay on the ground under acceleration not really a vibration. Basically I just had a bad wheel hop problem. So I replaced the motor mount and put some Energy Suspension inserts in at the same time. I wouldnt reccomend the inserts tho they just mpass all of the vibration iback into the cabin of the car.

So wheel hop/excessive tiure spin during acceleration = motor mounts and bad tires.

Vibrating, studdering, chattering = Axles at least in my experience.

Hope it helps…

i have the same issue…i believe its axles and stay away from aftermarket. it will never go away. At least thats how its been for me. im on the second set in 5 months becuase it bothers the shit outta me. My oem axles that were clicking when going straight didnt even vibrate and now the remans do.

my car was vibrating under load only on acceleration. turned out my drivers axle had a lot of play near the half-shaft. swapped it out to a new one.
problem solved :werd:

I got this problem well kinda it only happens sometimes and i just put brand new axles in new ons not reman i dont know

:werd: I’ve gone through 2 broken cv joints and each time it’d shake ONLY when I pressed the gas. It always seems to break the inner boot though. Just get under the car and check if the boot is broken and look for grease.