Car Shuting Off??

It happened 3 times yesterday. It only happened when my a/c is on and the system is up. My car would just shut off when i came to a full stop at a light or soemthing. Right when i stopped the revs just dropped completely and the car shut off. If i turned my a/c off the car revs normally around 700-900 rpms. Anyone know why this could be happening?? TIA

bad alternator?

Just had a new alternator put in like a month ago.

Mine does the same thing. When the AC is on the problem is 5x worse, but it can do it when the AC is not on. I’ve got new spark plugs/wires/cap/rotor. I’m thinkin it could be clogged fuel injectors because I pulled #1 plug wire and it made a click but stayed on. I put it back then pulled #2, it did the same. But when I pulled either #3 or #4 it shut off immediately. All injectors make clicking sounds. I will test my ignition coil and igniter soon too. Any thoughts?

hey i have the same problem too, would like to get this resolved, anyone know the solution?

try setting the idle speed up higher?

check your idle. If your idle is to low then when you turn on your ac the idle wil go below running. Also check your idle advance sensor or the a/c system.

Do you have the problem at night when you stop if your lights are on?

It didnt do it today but i didn’t use my a/c. It happend twice during the day(no lights) and once at night.

Check your ground wires, sounds similar to a prob I had. The engine to chassis ground from the valve cover wasn’t sufficient, and was causing a major drop in voltage when accessories were on. I fixed it by bolting the ground wire directly to the block via a p/s bracket bolt since I removed the p/s. HTH