car smoking when warm

my car smokes when warm, also on cold starts. any help…

you might wanna describe that just a tad bit more . . . MAYBE you’d get some help then.

i smokes white smoke when it warm. and sometimes it will go away but if i have my car in park and rev it up, it wont, but then wait a couple of minutes and wow it smokes again… it comes and goes…

coolant is getting in the combustion chamber. your head gasket is going bad.

Is it coming from the engine bay or coming from the muffler?



ug it coming from the exhaust, not the engine bay, i dont have a muffer on it yet… only headter to downpipe to 02 sensor to rear exhaust pipe

i did a headgasket test and it was good… also why would it not smoke at all doing idle for 30 -45 min but i get on the rode and it smokes. and i can rev it up and it wont smoke till awile

White smoke? Condensation perhaps? Which is usual when car engine is cold.

Blue or black smoke usually means burnt oil. White smoke, I’ll have to agree with Louie55, and say coolant leaking into combustion chamber.