Car Spuddering......Fuel Filter Help Needed......

Can someone give me any information on replacing and signs that you need to replace fuel filter?

If you can’t remember replacing it, or having it replaced, it’s time to get it done. Make sure your car’s been sitting overnight or something (usually they say 12 hours as a precaution) and I think most manuals say to loosen your fuel cap too. This way, the fuel shouldn’t come squirting out like crazy when you start disconnecting lines and stuff.

Now, assuming you know where the filter is located, it’s not too hard to change… though I had a little trouble moving the tools around very much. Anyways, loosen the bracket that holds it, and then take out the bolts that hold the lines on (they’re banjo fittings) and pull the old filter out. you might wanna have the new one handy so you don’t leak any more gas than you absolutely have to.
The new filter should come with new washers to put on either side of the banjo fittings, so using those, just put everything back together the same way it came apart.

Also make sure you put the right line on the right side of the filter (filter will have an arrow on it).


Thanks. Might anyone have the Helms pages online so maybe I can get a downloaded copy of it?

Search for recent posts by XDEep… he’s got a copy of the URL for the manual, as well as a couple mirror links, in his signature