Car stalling, trouble starting

My wifes 90 integra auto has recently been having some problems. The car has trouble starting and once started will stall once given throttle, only seems to do it at random times. The following work has been done recently:

Head Gasket
Intake Manifold Gasket
Timing Belt/Tensioner
Water Pump
Main Relay
PCV Valve
Fuel Filter

I have checked the battery and alternator, confirmed working. I am getting the following codes: 1 (O2 sensor) and 12 (EGR Valve). I am wondering if this could be the EGR valve or the Distributor? Regarding the O2 sensor, that is waiting to be installed at the moment. Car has about 195k on it at the moment. Ideas?

Does it start and die right away? Or does it start and idle normal, then die once you give it gas?

02 sensor wouldnt kill the car once started… a stuck egr valve can …or it can be the ignitor in the distributor …

It starts ok now after I replaced the plugs with NGK Coppers. I have replaced the O2 and cleaned the EGR, both codes have cleared and have not come back. The issue that remains is that the car will stall randomly when given throttle. The one behavior observed is that the tach will drop to zero even though the engine is still rotating and any attempt to bring it back will result in a stall.

I have ordered a new distributor since I am believing this is the ignitor and my distributor is of unknown age and mileage.

Replaced the entire distributor, issue resolved - likely was the ignitor.

2nd Gen integras are known for distributor issues& ICU issues… even the reports on them from edmunds say this. I keep a spare distributor in the garage for such an occasion :slight_smile:

I am going to rebuild the old distributor to have it as a spare.