Car starting issues.

OK I did search and read about 100 posts and nothing is coming up with the problem I am having. I may have an idea what my problem is but I would like a second or 3rd or 4th or however many opinions I get on this.

About a month or 2 ago I went to take my sister to the air port and my car would not start. Did not turn over at all. I got the normal clicks when trying to turn it over. After my in-law and I tried to ground out the start and seeing that did not help I figured it was my starter. Then after putting th car in gear and rocking it back and forth it turned over and started fine. It was cold out. So now whenever its cold out I have to push start my car and it will start fine for the rest of the day with no problems. It has done this a few times when it was warm out but only a few. Seems I only have this problem when its like 50 or below.

I am kinda stuck because after push starting the car one time it works as it should for the rest of the day.

sounds like a dead spot in the starter… the only way to confirm this is to test for power at the start when it is not working… also you can take it out and bring it to your local parts store or shop and they can bench test it for you.

Will a bench test pick up anything wrong if it works 99% of the time when its warm out side?

i have a similar problem sometimes ill turn the key and theres nothing but if i go in nutral and let the car role a foot or 2 ither way it starts fine i figure a dead spot on the starter so im just gonna change that…id say check yours aswell

It could be your ignition switch.

but y would it work when i push the car a lil im ither direction?and if it is the ignition switch where is that located??

never mind i searched thanks anywayz

another question whats a positive way to narrow it down so im sure what part to buy??

Replaced my starter 2 days ago. Ever since my car has started fine. Just wanted to let everyone know who cares. Thanks for the help :rockon: