Car starts for 2-5 seconds then dies

Ok so yet another question on this car. I just replaced the thermostat and cleaned the IACV now the car will start (sometimes) run for a few seconds then die and there is no saving it if I try to press the gas pedal it still dies without hesitation. No CEL nothing what could it be? Sometimes while cranking it will act like it wants to fire but won’t and then eventually it will start. I am going to check plugs but I am thinking fuel filter or frozen fuel? The car was running before I did this work it was just idleing really high.

Try resoldering your main fuel relay. It’s free, pretty easy, and should probably be done anyway.

relay is clicking and everything and had no issues before this but I have a spare I will try

What did you clean your IAC with?? Have you tried to leave it unplugged and see what the car does?


cleaned it with carb cleaner and let it sit overnight. Looks like the issue is fixed for now I put some heet in the tank and a couple gallons of gas and it started up but doesn’t like to stay idleing when dropping rpms from a rev before this it was throwing a code 14 but I found out my power to the IACV was bad so once I hooked it to battery it was fine but I have to look into it a little more. Willing to take suggestions though.