Car starts, idles, then dies...MFR?

My car fires right up with no hesitation, but sometimes (mainly when i’m running the heater on high) it just dies out. Could it be the Main fuel relay? Or is there something else I should check into? I read that the relay goes out when its warm/hot in the cabin, and its been pretty chilly lately, but it will start right up with no hesitation. Although, a few days ago it was having the same problem.

Was trying to get it home, and it kept stalling on me and wouldn’t want to start back up. Would have to crank it for a while for it to start up. After it died roughly 3-4 times, it started right back up and i drove it home. It bogged out a bit once, but other than that, it idled and ran smoothly like it always does.

Occasionally its hard to start, but most of the time it fires right up. And when I have this problem, it’ll idle for roughly 10 seconds to a couple minutes, then die. Sometimes it will fire back up no problem, but other times it’ll take a lot of cranking. If i’m driving, the car will start to decelerate while I’m on the gas, and if I give it more gas, it seems like it decelerates faster.

i am having the same trouble

mine would start then die right away. And either start again after a few tries or wait a minute and then it would start. Then after a few months of this mine just died while I was driving…Sputtering and such. Turns out the main fuel relay was the probelm and once it was replaced it started right up and has worked ever since.

Check this link out,

hope it helps…

So if its not the mfr, anything else I should look in to? It drove fine today, but then it died later on in the night…

Replaced the MFR with a new one, changed out spark plugs and wires, any more ideas? It starts up pretty much everytime now. Still won’t stay running. Please help.

this subject has been posted many many times! SEARCH!

Sounds like your ICM (ignition control module).

replace that distributor of urs.

hei man , did you get your car fixed, i know its been a while since you posted. i have a similar problem. if it was fixed , what did you do to it ?

i was looking through my haynes repair manual and for this issue it said that the alternator could be a possible problem. hey u never know

I’ve got a MFR I’m selling

Sounds crazy but check all your grounds too. Check your ignitor on your distributor also.