car turns off when while driving

i have a 1993 da it has a b16a2 in it. it has never given me problems until i chipped my p28. the problem im having is when im driving car sputters the turns off , and when i try to start it she just cranks over and thats it i hear the fuel pump its just driving me crazy.

well as u stated it didnt start giving u problems till u chipped that p28… thats where u start

also when this problem occurs i take the distributer cap off n clean it then most of the time it starts up but the cap is new idk if the rotar can be causing the problem

when was the last time you did a tuneup? It might well be the rotor

im not gonna lie a very long time

BINGO!!! ding ding ding:) Do a tuneup and go from there.

thanks i guess thats wat i will do later 2day