Car turns on, but no signal to inside!!

ok here’s the deal… Randomly, it started doing this. When I turn the key to ignition, the car acts like it is off. For example, I turn the car on, it starts up, but the seat belts dont work, no turn signals, no gauge cluster, clock, etc. While the car is on, and I open the door, it acts like the car is off with the key still in the ignition, so it makes the beeping soungs to remind you you left the keys in the ignition. I checked all fuses, wires…seems like the ignition itself is bad? Anyone ever had this problem before? Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks!

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A bad ign. switch is a common problem on G2, also a bad connection at the main acc. fuse, [upper right side of under dash fuse box] make sure the screws are tight.

The nice thing about a G2s ign. switch is it is all you have to replace, [not the key housing or key, the switch is held into the back of the ign. switch housing with two screws.:whew:94

still havnt figured it out…any other advice? thanks.

6mo. and you have not figured it out???:stare:

Do you have a multimeter or 12V test light? 94

well there is a manual overide for the seat belts (check owners manual) and the spedo runs off of a cable so as long as those work at least you have a wroking car… dont know what to tell you about the rest but it sounds to me like a bad ignition

hey man i was searchin and saw a post that said you had a personal box. if this is true can you email me at hawke999@msn.comi have some questions thanks

almost 2 years later and still havnt fixed the problem…the car has been sitting ever since. Any ideas?? :dozing:

Did you check the ign. switch or the main acc. fuse? 94

I’m not trying to be rude, but if you have not tried the suggestions, why? There doesn’t seem to be any indication of what you have tried aside from fuses, so if you have not done so I would follow the suggestions.

I had a friend of mine do a few tests to certain wires on the ignition switch and they all seem to be getting proper current and ground… Could it still be faulty?

If your friend found a ground on the ign. switch leads then there is a problem, all ign. switch leads are 12V+
either constant or switched but none of them are a ground.

12V+ constant - white or white/black - hot at all times.
Starter---------- black/white - hot during start.
Ignition1-------- black/yellow - hot in run and start.
Ignition2-------- blue/white - hot in run not start.
Accessory------- yellow - hot in on and run.94

I Have the same problem it started on friday 09/03/2010, and i change the ecu and took out all the fuses, and still nothing… the last thing i have to change is the ignition… if i change that will that make the problem go away? need some feedback please

I found the problem, i don’t know if you have fix yours yet. All i did was replace the ignition switch and that should start your car right away. I actually when out to the junk yard and i found one there… if you dont have a local junk yard check out the local auto part store… auto zone has them for $60.00 with lifetime warranty… :slight_smile: hopefully that helps you out if you havent fix the problem yet…