car veering to the right?

well i got my car alligned and it still goes to the right when i let go of the wheel. what are some possible suspects? im thinkin of changin the rotors soon, will this help ?

hey hemogoblin, I have had the same issue with my teg. I think it is due to the nordman snow tires I put on though, since it never pulled before with my bfgoodrich t/a comps. I also had mine aligned and it still pulls to the right…we rotated the tires directionally and it has lessened considerably but it is still there. As well I may have a rear right brake sticking slightly…ill know more on wed. when we work on my ride. I did swap the tires right to left and it pulled to the left so in my case it is the tires…of this im almost positive. some of this may be attributed to my right rear brake as well. what do you have for rubber on there? are they new tires? and if your calipers are frozen at all this could definitely cause a pull.

if it only pulls a little then it is normal because most roads are on a slight angle to help get rid of water and such