Car will not prime!

Ok here is the scoop, when I 1st turn the key right before i start it the check engine light comes on and doesn’t go off until the fuel pump begins to prime, correct? Well my car especially when it rains will not prime for as long as 45min at times. This makes me so off schedule when I can just hop in and go I have to wait for the cel to go off to start. So i have to sit there and wait until i hear the click and then the prime. Once it starts it runs good like it is suppose to. I noticed after driving for a little while it doesn’t take as long to start/prime. I have checked and replaced main relay, inspected all alarm wires. I am thinking it may be a distributor problem or a fuel pump sending unit. Any Ideas or advice we be greatly appreciated.:werd:

which relay the MFR?

same proble ditoi:bump:

yeah i swapped a main fuel relay from a friends car and it still doesn’t work.

any other ideas

maby fule pump going bad havent had the mony to try

im having the same problem with my daily, i dont hear any fuel going into the motor, someone plz help him solve his problem so others could benefit from this:angel:

I have the same problem an nothing no prime ,nothing but if I jump the main relay it works .I have no blown fuses, no alarm so im total lost on this problem

yeah Im still scratching my head:umno:

me too:dozing:


are your cars automatic or manual and check your ignition relay also the only reason i say that is because there was a guy on here with a different problem of his car not starting different issues but same idea just trying to give ideas.

if you check engine light stays on after your car is 1 click before the start it may be your ecu and not the fuel pump i recommend trying that first then the fuel pump

i did all the test an found it was the ecu an yes my light stayed on

Dist. Cap & rotor, ignitor!