Car Will Not Turn Over (elec. prob.)

my car will not start at all, I tried a battery booster, it said no connection between the battery and it were made.

The battery is around 2 to 3 months old, so the battery wasn’t the problem here. I have been having my fan run while the car was completely turned off alot lately, and i do not know why, i just got a fluidyne radiator with thin line fans and have not had the chance to install them, but i do not think that it will fix the problem.

I have no idea what could be keeping the fan running, i have recently in the past month or two gotten a new battery, a new alternator, and all new relays… If anyone has any idea what could be wrong i would much appreciate it.

I want to figure this out, because it contineus to happen, not only that but recently before this happened, my lights were very dim at idle but when i reved the motor up towards 2000 and up the lights got brighter, and my hi beams did not work at all, which i find ironic that the hi beams all blew at the same time.

So if anyone has any idea as to what could be going on wit hmy electrical system, please let me know…

Thx Philip

here is how i’d deal with it:

  1. bump start the car and drive it to your local autoparts store (you don’t need to do this if you have a multi meter at your disposal)
  2. have the parts place test your battery and alternator.
  3. when you say won’t turn over, do you mean it won’t start? or do you mean the starter isn’t even going on? If its not going on and the battery is good, then it’s probably the starter.

This sounds a lot like a battery problem to me. It doesn’t matter if its new. Sometimes new stuf is just as bad as old stuff. It happened to a friend of mine with a teg. His battery was only 4 months old, and it wouldn’t start his car anymore. So, definitely your first place to start is the battery. If its working perfectly then you can take that off your list and start narrowing it down to something else.