Car WILL start! Help!

So I have this problem…My car will start but it runs like complete shit…the other night I was driving and It died as I came to a stop and when I went to start it back up it was hesitating really bad and backfired through the intake then it finally started and I drove all the way home and then the next day I go out to my car to leave for work and it wont start?? just turns over…come to find out it has absolutley no spark so I was told to put a distributor on it so I did along with cap and rotor and now it starts but it feels and sounds as if only 1 or 2 cylinders are working…almost like timing is now fucked up?? I dont really know what to do and any info would help thanks.

and incase some of you were wondering I did do a search and came up with nothing.

If you backfired through the intake you might have jumped timing. Check your cam alignment.

Yeah I had thought timing jumped and will check that out thanks.