car wont accelerate smoothly

okay just finished b16a engine conversion and got rid of all the error codes in the ecu… but now i have a problem with acceleration below 4500rpm.
the car backfires and hesitates REAL bad… as soon as you reach 4500 then its like an instant power kick in and the car jolts forward and runs perfectly to 8K…
anyone have any ideas ??

Check your timing and look for vacuum leaks. Did you do a tune-up after clearing the codes?

my car did that too, a couple years ago, and then it just went away, and it’s never came back.

when you stepp on it boggggggg- until it hits 4500 then bam, jumps right to life…

I’d suggest doin the usual:

  • New spark plugs
  • new fuel filter
  • new air filter
  • full tank of clean gas
  • reset ecu

try those and see if doesn’t go away.

yeh well i gave the car a full service and replaced everything
and its doing exactly that… bogs down and then boom kicks in fine after that…
can my timing belt be 1 tooth off or something ???

if your belt was off a toogh it would idle like shit, backfire, and it wouldn’t just come to life all of a sudden…

bad gas is my guess, it’s happened to me, there’s sooo many possible things it could it’s really hard to say, i tend to suspect the fuel system though.

with me the car seemed to fix itself, in true honda fashion

hmmm i dont think its bad fuel coz ive changed fuel already
maybe a bit of oil in my spark plugs could cause this ?? havent had a chance to change the rings yet…

i tried unplgging the tps (throttle position sensor) and now it runs fine… but now the check engine light is on…

blah blah, tune ups don’t work, don’t touch anything but your o2 sensors. My b16’s are bad too, i just unplugged them until i can afford new ones. It doesn’t throw a code just runs rich, cause the factory default is not the ideal mixture.

I got the same problem. It happened after I change the spark plugs. I think maybe I should buy a better set!

If that did the trick then it is definitely your TPS. Just replace that and you should be ok.