Car won't go into gear

its a 91 GS that i just had rebuilt, I havent even driven the damn thing yet obviously. I go to start the car and put it in first, and it wont even go in gear. Turn the car off and it goes into gear though. The shift linkage is on correctly and it has a brand new exedy clutch kit. anybody have an idea of what it could be?

Get the clutch adjusted IMO.

if it goes into gear when the car is off, but not when its on, then u should check linkage and clutch cable. i had the same problem b4, but found out that the fingers on the pressure plate got bent in a weird way during installation, even tho i mated the tranny to the block just right and evenly. well either way… i first off went by adjust the clutch cable, its not hard to play with… just know that the more slack u give it the lower it engages… but might not press down on the pressure plate enough to disengage the clutch. then vice versa… if u have it too tight… it’ll always ride the pressure plate (fingers/diaphram) but won’t engage the clutch when u let go of the pedal.

so check ur cable first and play with that, then double check ur shift linkage… also confirm that the clutch lever is raising up all the way when u push the clutch pedal down (obviously need a buddy to help with that part). if all those don’t solve ur problem, ur gonna have to take the tranny off… and inspect the pressure plate and clutch. i hope u put the clutch disc with the hub facing out. i had to work on some kid’s car that had the same issue… he put the clutch in backwards… was pretty freaking stupid, but he was a rookie, so shiet happens.

let us know what u find.

first thing that came to my mind when you said it goes in when the engine is off but not when on, was the clutch disk on the wrong way. does the pedal feel normal? follow what squeezethis mentioned and let us know what happends.

Well the clutch pedal feels normal, and the shift linkage is on right, the guy who built the motor put the clutch on, so I’ll have him check it out. This shit is frustrating. Thanks for the help everyone.

Last thing it could be is the throwout bearing, especially since it goes into gear when its off only.